Gobi - sand spreader



  NEW20x10 NEW20x10
Type Gobi 100 Gobi 140
Working width [m] 1,0 1,4
Transport width [m] 1,18 1,56
Admissible operating speed [km/h] 15 15
Admissible transport speed [km/h] 25 25
Hitch tractor hitch / bar
Cooperating tractor power [HP] 15 20
Quick unloading + -
Drive type Independent drive from both gritter wheels only for driving ahead
Length [m] 1,8 2,65
Height [m] 0,97 1,53
Capacity [m3] 0,4 1,5
Weight [kg] 185 550
Weight with load [kg] 850 3000

Technical Details

Gobi gritter is designed to spread sand and salt onto sidewalks, streets, parking lots, residential estates, squares, etc. Owing to gravity manner of gritting the machine does not cause any damages to passed-by cars, does not pose any danger to pedestrians and causes no damage to lawns when spreading salt. It is also equipped with dosing adjustment assembly with use of adjusting flap impact on dosing shaft. The gritter is propelled by two wheels and is equipped with differential.

Gobi_ 1_ 2_

The machine is filled manually with use of shovel or loader. As standard, Gobi can be aggregated with a tractor on tractor’s hitch or bar.

- Precise gritting owing to gravity dosing system
- Dosing adjustment: lever of rear flap
- When operating does not pose any danger to both cars and pedestrians
- Possibility of quick discharging
- Propelled by two wheels only when driven forward
- Differential
- Possibility of cooperation with low-power tractors









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