KT - disc mower - central suspension



Type KT 261 KT 261 H KT 301 KT 301 H KT 341 KT 341 H KT 261 S KT 260 W KT 301 S KT 300 W
Working width [m] 2,60 3,00 3,40 2,60 3,00
Swath width [m] 1,50-1,90 1,90-2,30 2,30-2,80 1,50-1,90 1,00-1,30 1,90-2,30 1,40-1,70
Number of discs [pcs.]
Number of knives [pcs.] 12 (6x2) 14 (7x2) 16 (8x2) 12 (6x2) 14 (7x2)
RPM [rpm./min] 540  540 540 1000 1000
Power demand [HP] from 70 from 80 from 100 from 80 from 90
Working capacity [ha/h] 2,8 3,5 4,0 2,8 3,5
Weight [kg] 1010/955 1150/1060 1110 1300 1250 1415 1350


H - hydro-pneumatic suspension.

Technical Details


High working speed, new design of Perfect Cut cutterbar, quick nife replacement, central spring or hydropneumatic suspension, possibility to transport the mower in three positions – these are only a few of main advantages of KT mowers !

Central suspension
Main advantage of central suspension is even balance, perfect ground following and wide range of inclination (up to 24 degrees). enabling operation on uneven ground and in every condition. Centrally suspended Perfect Cut cutterbar can be lightened by means of springs or hydropneumatically.
KT3 Hydraulic safety breakaway device
Central suspension unit is integrated with hydraulic safety breakaway device, which protects the mower against hitting into immovable obstacles. In the event of hitting an immovable obstacle the cutterbar folds back and at the same time rises about 20 cm. Afterwards, the cutterbar automatically comes back to its working position.
KT5 Hydropneumatic suspension
Thanks to hydropneumatic suspension, an operator can easily adjust force of the pressure of cutterbar on the ground by means of tractor's hydraulics. Owing
to that the force of the pressure on the ground is always the same no matter how the terrain is shaped. Hydropneumatic suspension is a perfect solution on weak turf meadows, especially during mowing of the first cut after recent sowing (lucerne, clover, peat). It enables adjusting force of the pressure on the
gound even from 70 kg.
KT6 Safety guards
• Lowered side guard – comply with european safety norms and at the same time shortens the distance between the knife and an obstacle „A”
• Protection tube – increases viability of safety curtain securing it against wearing through by the grass during operation „B”
• Clips – enable quick and easy unbuckling of safety curtain
• Guard's regulation – enables lifting and locking it in different position, helpful during quick knife replacement
• Lifted side guard – lower transport high, possibility to work near fences.
KT8 Lock mechanism (1)
Innovative, patented lock mechanism enables adjusting the mower in three different working positions, depending on operation mode: operation - rest - transport. Suitable position can be adjusted from tractor's cabin by means of a cord.

Regulated pins (2)
Suspension unit is equipped with regulated lower pins (positioning the machine left and right).
KT9 Manometer
Manometer shows oil pressure in hydraulic unit, which reflects the force of the pressure on the ground. Lightening of the cutterbar is regulated by means of a lever from tractor's cabin.
KT7 Transport

The most important advantage of KT series mowers is a possibility to transport the machines in three different positions: upwards at the side of the tractor, upwards at the back of the tractor and horizontally at the back of the tractor. Suspension unit (lowered rotation point) has been designed in order not to exceed 4 m. even when it comes to the widest mower KT 340.
Working positions: A - upwards at the side of the tractor, B - upwards at the back of the tractor, C - horizontally at the back of the tractor.


Basing on the experience of our customers in Poland and in Western Europe we have introduced to our production a new model of cutterbar: Perfect CUT. Precise cut, high durability of components, protection against sudden disc stop in case of coming into an obstacle, quick and easy disc module replacement owing to modernized upper disc hub are the main advantages of Perfect CUT cutterbars. New cutterbar is mounted in every SaMASZ disc mower apart from KDL series based on Comer cutterbar.
Main advantages of PerfectCUT cutterbar:
1. Smooth regulation of cutting height from 4 to 7 cm.- sliding skids from 5 to 9 cm
2. 6307 2RSN bearings in bevel gears and 6307 2RS in disc modules are the most durable and unprecedented among our european competion.
3. Specially hardened discs and sliding skids made of Boron steel, protected against mud and dirt by means of the blades.
4. Easily replaceable knife holder pins.
5. Hardened knife holder made of Boron steel, especially designed in order to eliminate stucking of the knives under the disc.
6. Innovative system of quick knife replacement. The knife can be changed only when the disc is adjusted sheer to the cutterbar (+ - 30 degrees). The system decreases the probability of knife loss almost to absolute minimum in case of hitting into stone.
7. Modernized, hardened sliding skids made of Boron steel protect the whole surface of cutterbar on the bottom. Quick and easy replacement of the skids (only two bolts to unscrew).
8. Additional steel skid protecting cutterbar's drive.
9. Hardened cutterbar made of steel.
10. Protection against stones in standard equipment.
11. Quick and easy replacement of disc module thanks to modernized upper hub.
12. Bevel gears with 25 mm tightness.
13. High quality knives comply with strict safety rules. SaMASZ logo engraved on the knife is a guarantee of its quality.


1 Protection against stones in standard equipment

Specially designed disc module protects the cutterbar with bevel gears in case of very strong, extreme hit of the disc e.g in a stone. The force of the hit cuts off only the key. Then, only the module needs to be replaced without the necessity of expensive cutterbar repair. The replacement of the module takes only a while and can be done on the field. Owing to that solution the time crucial during forage pick-up is spared. Modernized upper disc hub enables quick module replacement. Special cavities for bolts make it very easy to disssemble the module without the necessity of unscrewing upper hub. The drive of the discs is transmitted by means of bevel gears with high diameter, which increases the resistance of the disc in case of hitting into an immovable obstacle.


2 Comparison of bevel gears
Our mowers are equipped with Perfect CUT cutterbars based on bevel gears transmitting higher strength.
5 Perfect quality of cut with Perfect CUT cutterbar
New Perfect Cut cutterbars have high quality of cutting even with very low grass during 3, 4 and further cuts. During 1 and 2 cut when high grass prevails it is recommended to cut with height between 53 mm and 68 mm. Depending on the angle of cutterbar's inclination there are the following cutting heights.
3 Perfectly profiled design
Rounded shapes of cutterbar's bottom surpass the designs of other manufacturers. Streamline shape facilitates operation on more earthen and stoney meadows. No sharp edges on the whole cutterbar, smooth surfaces of sliding skids give protection to the turf.
Quick knife replacement by means of special key.


Tine conditioners - Unique qualityof forage
KT 260 S – tine conditioner


  Advantages of tine conditioners
KT3 • Several times faster drying of the gras owing to wax layer crushing on leaf's blade
• Cutting wax layer improves plant's breathing which decreases nutrition loss of the plant and increases thickness of the swath
• Emiminates tedding (less runs)
• Loose spreading of the plants into wide swath, increasing and evening it's thickness enables even collecting of swath by round baler or silage trailer
• Increased space between tines and safety guard for better material flow in case of very high crop

KT4 Conditioner's tines
New V-shaped tines are made of hard-to-tear and resilient  steel. Properly chosen tine's weight (0,9 kg, dimensions: 8 mm x 40 mm x 190 mm), its mounting and placing on the shaft causes effective work even when the grass is high and thick.
KT mower tine conditioner's drive
KT7 Swath width regulation
Narrow width can be adjusted by adding two discs with drums (left) or by means of swath guides (right)
Wide swath enables faster and even drying of the forage.
Additional drums


KT 260W – roller conditioner


KT2 Advantages of roller conditioners
• Wide rollers along the cutterbar increase efficiency of crushing stems of caney crops
• Rubbing wax from stem's layer and at the same time pressing them out increase drying process
• An inclination of upper roller towards the cutterbar enables better forage pick-up
KT4 • Integrated intersecting axis gear
• Drives of both rollers in standard position:
- upper roller – hard bevel belt
- lower roller – double chain
• Upper roller is suspended on two rockers with regulation of the space between two rollers by means of the springs. This solution enables mowing of the largest forage crops and their even cracking throughout the whole roller's width. The space between the rollers enables stone transport even up to 6 cm diameter.
KT3 KT mower roller conditioner's drive








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