Rotary rakes



Typ Z - 300 Z - 350 Z - 410 UNO 410 Z - 470
Working width [m] 3,00 3,50 4,10 4,10 4,70
Transport width [m] 1,50 1,50 1,60 1,60 2,30
Number of rotors [pcs.] 1
Number of arms [pcs.] 8 9 11 11 13
RPM [rpm./min] 540
Power demand [HP] 20 20 30 30 50
Working capacity [ha/h] ~ 3,0 ~ 3,5 ~ 4,5 ~4,5 ~ 5,6
Tyres 15 x 6.00 16 x 6,5 - 6

Demanded quantity of hydraulic

connectors [pcs.]



3-point linkage cat. II drawbar II
Weight [kg] 310 340 555 740 815



Technical Details




Rotary rakes Z 300, Z 350, Z 410 and Z 470 are 1 – rotor rakes for middle and small farms. These machines have working widths from 3,00 m to 4,70 m.

3 Shock absorbtion

Two – sided shock absorbers – standard equipment in Z 410. During lifting of the machine and transport shock absorbers guarantee stability of the machine.
Z - 300      
4 Tines

Spring tines are made of high quality material, which guarantees their long operation. Three tines are mounted in Z 300 and Z-350; 4 pcs in Z – 410 and Z - 470.
Z - 410      
5 Intersecting axis gear Z 410

6 7 Transport

1-rotor rake is easy to handle and storing owing to easily demountable arms.

10 Advatages of Z – 410 and Z 2-780:

1. Intersecting axis gears working in oil bath – high durability.
2. Working arms mounted in gearbox' arm by means of double brackets – picture 1 and 2.
3.Height adjustment of the tines over meadow regulated in two different ways:
a) by means of a lever
b) by means of different mounting of the chassis. In standard equipment the chassis is mounted for tough meadows – 21 cm. When the peat, soft meadows prevail tandem chassis need to be turned around 180 degrees – the height of 16 cm is reached. Chassis regulation is very important, because it increases the durability of lower bushing of the gearbox.

8 9 Arms

Arms easy to dismount placed in transport holders and lifted curtains reduce transport and storing width.

11 12 Tandem wheels

Not every meadow is even and smooth – in order to get regular and clean windrow perfect ground following is indispensable. Tandem wheels in Z 410 rotary rake enable perfect ground following and maintaining driving direction.

13 Turned linkage

Turned linkage enables perfect steering of the rake. Lower links enable additional ground following behind the tractor.

UNO 410

One-rotor trailed rake UNO 410 is an effective machine used for raking grass, hay and straw. Owing to low power consumption, this machine is very economical and also resistant to difficult working conditions. The machine is able to form an  even continuous swath. Features innovative hydraulic – mechanical height adjustment of raking height and lifting rotors to transport position.


  • tandem steering system,
  • new raking tines,
  • raking height adjustment,
  • transition from operating to transport position with no need of leaving the tractor,
  • facilitated drive over the swath,
  • aggregating with smaller tractors is also possible.



Thanks to possibility of lifting tandem assembly, a single rotor is situated well higher above the swath 47 cm (1,55 ft). Now the rakes can be driven safely on uneven ground, without risk of exposing the machine and tractor to any damage.

In order to facilitate transport (especially when aggregated with smaller tractors) innovative tandem steering system has been applied, which is based on solutions derived from DUO 680 rakes. In result, a very operator-friendly rake has been designed, providing comfortable switching from working to transport position, without need of leaving the operator’s cabin.











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