Type Z 2-780
Working width [m] 7,20 - 7,80
Transport width [m] 2,90
Transport height  
- with tines [m] 4,10
- without tines [m] 2,90
Transport length [m] 5,50
Number of rotors [pcs.] 2
Number of arms [pcs.] 11
RPM [rpm./min] 540
Power demand [HP] from 80
Working capacity [ha/h] 8,0
Wheels under rotors 16x6,50
Wheels 340/55-16
Weight [kg] 2040


Technical Details




2 - rotor rotary rakes are characterized by high quality of raking thanks to transverse and axial ground following mechanism (6 wheels on each rotor). Z 2-780 can rake cut forage from 7,20 m.



3 Hydraulic lifting

Hydraulic lifting of arms with rotors.Support springs enable decrease of the pressure on the ground. The trolley has 6 wheels, which also decrease ground pressure.
4 Hitch

Steering rear wheels in two configurations:
a) following the tractor
b) moving steering lever in central position - the rakes is pulled as trailer.
5 Lock

Lock limiting lifting of rotors, helpful when taking turns over swaths.


7 6 Transport

2-rotor rotary rakes are hydraulically lifted to transport position. It enables driving on public roads. Working width does not exceed 2,9 m.


8 9 Width regulation

Manual mechanism of working width adjustment (1). For more demanding customers:
- hydraulic mechanism of working width adjustment in optional equipment (2)


11 Axial and transverse ground following mechanism

Every rotor rotates on the chassis with three tandems. Axial and transverse ground following mechanism (additional equipment), perfect copying of the terrain. It enables clean fodder pick-up and protection of the stubble.The design of the trolley and ground following mechanism, during lowering of rotors, enable falling of rear wheels at first. This design prevents the tines from hitting the ground. It is a positive exception if compared with other polish and european competition.

12 Trolley’s height regulation

Additional increase of working height can be done by switching arms in wheels trolley. It enables comfortable work on peat meadows.

10 Tines height regulation

Manual adjustment of tine’s working height








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2 5 7 6 3 4



3. Rozdzielacz pozwala na użycie tylko jednego złącza hydraulicznego do podnoszenia i opuszczania ramion z karuzelami grabiącymi.