Our service carries on warranty repairs and after warranty repairs in Poland and in some cases abroad.

All warranty claims are taken through phone or more formal ways by service department. Each claim is registered and after each repair a protocol is made. After season we analyze each kind of damage and frequency of occurring. It is very helpful later in improving our mowers.

All warranty repairs in Poland are made quickly and professionally. All defective parts are exchanged  with new ones. Our company's cars Volkswagen and Mercedes makes easier for our service crew to reach our clients.


Apart from that, our service:

- deals with after warranty claims,

- participates in activating new machines at users place,

- organizes and trains our dealer's mechanics.

Warranty periods:

- disc mowers – 24 months

- drum mowers – 24 months

- flail mowers - 12 months

- rotary rakes and tedders – 24 months

- snow plows – 12 months